Insurances Accepted

Always bring your insurance card.

We accept coverage from most major insurance plans.

We recommend that our patients share their insurance information with the scheduler and bring their insurance card or applicable information to every appointment at Leading MDs. We also ask that our patients bring their co-pay information if required by their insurance provider.

It is essential to bring your medical insurance card to every appointment so the laboratory, x-ray facility, pharmacy, durable medical equipment company, home health care company may be chosen adequately by your insurance company. Not using the right mandated insurance company can lead to unwanted costs associated with your rendered medical care. We want to make sure that we always use the proper medical service in your insurance network.

We encourage you as a patient to be familiar with the policies and procedures of your particular insurance plan and obtain the necessary referrals before appointments as needed.

Please call our office to verify the complete list of Insurance carriers.

Currently Accepted Network Insurances

Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Humana, Medicare, Certain Medicaid Plans, and United Healthcare


Blue Cross Blue Shield



United Healthcare